Americans Change Attitudes – As Well As T-Shirts

It seems that as the American public is being bombarded with stories of the economy spinning out of control, endless layoffs, government bailouts, there is an underlying current of change in the attitudes and expectations of the american flag shirts people. This paradigm shift in attitudes has shown in the country’s choice of a new President, but also has trickled down and taken shape in the country’s mainstream, where the desire to be smart, intellectual, and aware are being heralded as the “new cool.”

From the new President, to media darlings, to kids on the street; acting, being and talking smart is no longer square. Celebrities are being spotted reading Scientific American and are attending Ivy League schools. Tina Fey’s popular intellectualism is showing the country that it is not only acceptable and cool to be smart, it’s also sexy.

Scientific American’s former associate publisher Kate Dobson has a pretty good idea as to where these celebrity endorsements are coming from: “The pendulum is swinging, and it’s becoming hip to be smart again.” Even Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education, stated in his confirmation hearings that kids want to be smarter; that our President has inspired kids to go beyond the usual youthful aspirations of simply wanting to be President, but also wanting to be smart like the President.

And how are people expressing this new hip intellectualism? On their T-Shirts, of course. Today’s “it” T-shirts feature smart and hilarious catch phrases, designed to grab someone’s attention and make them think about it for a minute. They are a little smarter than your average shirt; heeding the needs of the present “new cool” generation that smart people deserve smart clothing. People still want to be unique and express themselves and their individuality, but they’re doing it in a smarter and more creative way than by simply bearing obnoxious or offensive clothing, which is why Will Ferrell quotes aren’t selling like they used to.

The T-shirt industry should be excited to be a part of this progress and change, and proud to purvey what America is asking for. As the country continues to change, will intelligent thought prevail, or is it just a trend? It seems to be here to stay for while; as long as the leaders at the top keep challenging Americans, Americans will respond and rise to the occasion, although they may be wearing some funny shirts in the process.


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