Violin Exercises for Beginners: Strengthening Your Skills

However, using instructional DVDs, have certain disadvantages. For one, playing the violin is a matter of application. This is different from gaining knowledge, without the need for application. Watching or reading the material cannot supplement the experience and learning you can get from having a professional teacher. Violin teachers can also help you with very specific problems you might encounter when trying to play the violin. This is not available in instructional DVDs and online resources.

Home violin lessons can be very advantageous to the student. The student doesn’t need to commute or drive to the violin school. Personal violin lessons at home increases the speed of learning since the teacher is most likely focused on one to two students. The professional violin cost teacher will be able to effectively teach and communicate with the student. The student may also be more comfortable inside his/ her home. This makes the lessons more effective. Some students feel uncomfortable and nervous in certain environments. Some of them are even frightened when people see them play.

Home lessons for the violin give more time flexibility. The student does not need to attend at a particular time and day in order to attend the lessons. The teacher and the student just need to come up with an agreement regarding the schedule of the lessons. Another advantage of having home violin lessons would be the freedom of the student to wear whatever clothing is comfortable for him/ her. The student wouldn’t spend the effort looking for the appropriate clothes to wear for attending the violin school.

When looking for home violin teacher, there are different factors to consider. Other than the price of the lessons, the qualification and experience of the teacher is very important. A teacher who is not only qualified but have experience in teaching the violin, would be able to coach the student to learn in an effective way and at a comfortable pace for the student. It is important that the violin teacher does not use a cookie cutter method to apply teaching methods on all his/her students, but instead understand the level of the student and his / her strengths and weaknesses, and tailor the lessons accordingly. After all, taking violin lessons should be an enjoyable experience, and not just with a focus on attaining a certification.

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